A wise man once said, “Do what you love and it will never seem like work.” Well, for years, life has been all about kicking ass and drinking beer. Eventually, the years and the mileage catch up and you have to leave some of the ass kicking behind. As for us, at SOF Brewing Company, we aren't gonna give up drinking beer, so we decided to kick ass at brewing beer! What we have created are brews that we are proud to make, and that our brethren will enjoy drinking. Great beers, to share with great friends and great patriots.

Thanks to our friends at 26 Degrees Brewing we've been able to create a refreshing, easy drinking lager with one of the shortest flash-to-bang startups in brewing history.

While beer is great, we understand that many have paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we can pursue our passions. SOF Brewing Company is proud to partner with the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. We aim to be a force multiplier for their mission and stay true to our Warrior Ethos by providing a revenue share in perpetuity. We pray that our small contribution will lead to greater awareness and support for the loved ones of our fallen comrades.



We came here to kick ass and make beer, and we're about done kicking ass.  Our mission is to brew awesome beer for awesome people.  SOF Brewing beer celebrates the men and women of Special Operations Forces. At SOF Brewing Company we want to give our patrons a glimpse of the camaraderie of Special Operations Forces and allow our brothers and sisters in arms a place to drop their ruck and relax. Remember freedom doesn’t brew itself!


Kris Hasenauer

Kris is an officer in the US Army and has been a member of the Florida Army National Guard and 20th Special Forces Group for his entire 16-year career. Kris has more than 2 years of deployed service with rotations in Afghanistan and Jordan.

Kyle Harth

Kyle, a Florida native, joined the Army as an Infantry Paratrooper before earning his Green Beret. His Military career took him all over the world. Upon leaving the Army he entered the corporate world directing efforts to provide war fighters with the cutting-edge gear that they needed. Afterwards, Kyle utilized his knowledge and specialty skills learned in Special Forces to lead shipboard security/anti-piracy teams and provide security to high-value clients.

Brian McDowell

Brian is an Active Guard member of the Florida Army National Guard. Prior to becoming an Officer, he served multiple deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan, where an Improvised Explosive Device sent him to the hospital for 6 months.

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